About Me

Hello. Welcome to my website. My name is Lucas and I am a graduate from the University of New Mexico with my Masters in Robotics.

Through my graduate career I have worked on many interesting projects and this website is a way to share them. Here is my dog Pepper helping me with one of these projects:

There is more content to come, for now I will simply list some of my projects on this page.

My Thesis: Mesh Addition Based on the Depth Image (MABDI)

For my thesis I developed an algorithm that I named Mesh Addition Based on the Depth Image or MABDI for short. MABDI is an environmental mapping algorithm that is designed to work with sensors that produce a large amount of data, specifically RGBD sensors such as the Kinect from XBox.

For my thesis I tested my algorithm is a simulated environment. The video below shows one of the experiments I ran to validate my algorithm.

MABDI was published and presented at Robotics and Automation for Humanitarian Applications (RAHA) 2016. A pdf of that paper can be found here.

I implemented and tested MABDI in around 1,500 lines of python code. The code is freely available here.